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Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

School Wide Guiding Principles & Student Expectations

We are committed to creating a climate where every student fells safe and welcome. Students are expected to follow the Leland Guiding Principles: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Students will receive incentives throughout the year for following the Guiding Principles. Students found to have committed any acts not permitted will be subject to a full investigation, support and guidance, and appropriate disciplinary actions which may include suspension, expulsion, and/or referral to law enforcement.

Student Expectations

  • Learn and follow school and classroom rules.
  • Solve conflicts maturely, without physical or verbal violence. 
  • Keep a safe and clean campus that is free of graffiti, weapons, and drugs.
  • Be a good role models and help create a positive school environment.
  • Report any bullying, harassment, or hate motivated incidents.
  • Display good sportsmanship on both the athletic field and playground.
  • Attend school on time, have school books and supplies, and be prepared to learn.
  • Keep social activities safe and report any safety hazards. 


Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons Policy

All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, including Leland Street School, are drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. Guns, knives, or explosives, fireworks, or other dangerous objects and replicas ARE NOT PERMITTED at school. Possession, sale, or furnishing of firearms, weapons or explosives on LAUSD campuses shall result in immediate involvement of the Los Angeles Police Department and is grounds for suspension or expulsion. lease work with us to ensure all students are safe!


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday in all classes. Homework is an important opportunity for students to practice the skills and strategies that they have learned. You can assist your child in acquiring food homework habits by creating a homework routine, providing a quiet place, and establishing time each day to complete homework. Every child is also responsible for reading at home daily. We know from research that children who read daily and young children who are read to, benefit in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, and language development, are more prepared for school, and exhibit higher levels of academic success. 

Classroom Visits

Parents and quardians are always welcome to visit your child's classroom. You must check in at the main office, sign in, and get a Visitor's Pass before going to your child's room. It is District policy that you limit the visit to 20 minutes unless otherwise authorized by the Principal. Visitation will not be approved if the time or nature of the visit conflicts with instruction or safety. Please do not talk to your child or the teacher while observing as this may interrupt instruction.

Pupil Progress, Report Cards and Parent Conferences

A report card is provided to parents/guardians of all students enrolled at school for fifteen or more days within a reporting period. Report cards are issued three times during the school year (November, March, and June). Parents will be notified at the mid-point in the reporting period for those students who're at risk of not meeting grade level standards (receiving a 1 or 2) and of possible retention. parent conferences will be held in the fall and spring of each year. Please maintain consistent communication with your child's teacher and stay informed of your child's progress throughout the year. By working together, we can provide the highest quality education for our children.

School Property/Textbooks/Library Books

Parents are held financially responsible for damage to any school property caused by their children (for example: textbooks, library books, bathroom fixtures, doors, tables, etc.). Please discuss the importance of treating school property with care and respect. All personal items, such as sweaters, coats, and jackets, lunch boxes, etc. should be labeled with the child's first and last name in permanent marker. Please do not allow your child to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school. Please encourage your child to visit the Lost and Found area located in the Multipurpose Room/Cafeteria during recess, lunch and after school for lost items. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each reporting period.

Internet Policy

A signed Acceptable Use Policy must be on file in the main office for students to have access to the internet at school. Students may not load, alter, delete, or make changes to school technology.

Use of Cell Phones, Electronic Devices, Personal Property

LAUSD does not provide insurance for loss of or damage to personal property of students. Cell phone use by students is NOT allowed during school hours. They must remain off and stored where they are not visible. Cell phones seen or heard during school hours will be confiscated. Students are urged to leave all personal items or items of value at home. Children are NOT to bring iPods/MP3 players, tablets, gaming systems, trading cards, laser pointers, toys, video games, balls, make-up, perfumes, candy, gum, or soda to school. Skateboards, scooters, roller skates, and shoes with rollers are prohibited for safety and instructional reasons. These items will be confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent or guardian.

Birthday and Other Celebrations

If you would like to acknowledge your student's birthday, you must pre-arrange the date with your child's teacher to avoid classroom interruptions. Only non-food times (stickers, pencils, erasers...) are to be passed out. many students have allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy and tree nuts. Due to allergies, do not bring edible items.