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School Safety Plan

School Safety Plan


The main office needs to have current information on file if we need to contact you n the event of an emergency. Please complete the emergency card completely and carefully for each student at the school and make sure it is returned to the school. If there is an incident at the school you will be contacted to inform you of the incident and if necessary where to pick up your child. Keep the office updated in the event of any changes to the information. This contact information is vital to the welfare of your child in the case of a disaster or incident.


Information on the complete LAUSD emergency preparedness plan is here: http://parentemergencyinformation.lausd.net


PDF.png Download the english Emergency Card here

PDF.png Download the spanish Emergency Card here


Campus and Community Safety

  • LAUSD mandates that all campuses are closed to ensure the safety of our students. Only students will be allowed to wait at morning line-up and at dismissal and we request all visitors to remain off campus during morning drop-off and dismissal.
  • Campus security aids and supervisors assist to provide a safe and secure campus. They actively monitor campus grounds and supervise students on campus. 
  • All visitors must have the consent and approval of the principal/designee. Visitors and volunteers must sign in upon arrival and departure, and wear a Visitor Pass or Volunteer badge while on campus. isitors may not interfere with or disrupt the classroom or school activity. Any individual who fails to follow the school rules/guidelines is subject to removal from the school site and further restricted from visiting the school. 
  • It is very important to keep our school safe and secure at all times. If you notice any suspicious activity on school grounds after school hours and on the weekends, such as incidents of vandalism or burglaries, please call school police at 213-625-6631 or LAPD Harbor Division at 310-726-7700.



If there is an emergency at school, school personnel have been trained, and will react quickly to protect children. If the emergency is a fire, students will evacuate to their Assembly Area until authorities determine that it is safe to re-enter the buildings. If there is an earthquake, students will drop, cover, and hold on as trained until the shaking stops, and then will evacuate the building to the Assembly Area. Students will not return until the buildings have been inspected and it is determined to be safe to enter. In both of these cases, students are being led away from the building, which due to the fire or earthquake has become a possible danger to them.


If there is a hazard outside, such as a report of a person in the area with a gun, or a nearby chemical release, students will be brought inside, where the building itself will help protect them from danger. Schools will act to protect students, and are prepared to shelter the students inside classrooms for hours if necessary. If students are held for a lengthy period of time, there are plans in place for emergency food, medical and restroom needs – these plans vary depending on the nature of the danger to students


Lock Down

Lockdowns are implemented for a variety of reasons, including an intruder on campus, police action in the area, disruptive community incident, or even a dangerous animal on campus. In a lockdown, school buildings are used to help protect the students from outside harm. During a lockdown, school administrators and district officials work closely with law enforcement and other outside agencies to maximize student safety. Parents will receive information and updates about the status of a school lockdown through Blackboard Connect automated phone messages.